2016 State Queens and Court

In Memory of Sydney Ridings
Wesleyan College



Congratulations to our 2016 Baby Miss Georgia Forestry Winners! We are so excited for each of you and your families!
Prettiest Dress Winner-Annison Workman-Telfair County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Harper Lewless-Richmond County
Photogenic Winner-Kenndy Hughes-Schley Sumter County
Prettiest Face Winner-Mallory Jane Grimes-Worth County...
Best Personality Winner-Lily Shermer-Charlton County
2016 Baby Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Paisley Lindsey-Tift County
4th runnerup-Harper Lewless-Richmond County
3rd runnerup-Mallory Jane Grimes-Worth County
2nd runnerup-Paisley Pearce-Tift County
1st runnerup-Annison Workman-Telfair County
2016 Baby Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Rilee Johnson-Marion Chattahoochee County


Teeny Miss Winners


Congratulations to our 2016 Teeny Miss Georgia Forestry Winners! We are so excited for each of you and your families!
Prettiest Dress Winner-Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
Photogenic Winner-Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
Prettiest Face Winner-Madison Lee-Schley Sumter County...
Best Personality Winner-Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
2016 Teeny Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Jessa Grinolds-Houston County
Top 10 Finalists
Ellie Mae Teele- Marion Chattahoochee County
Lynlee Tant-Macon County
Kambree Barnes-Tift County
Madison Lee-Schley Sumter County
Catherine Shores-Laurens County
Presley Peagler-Columbia County
Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
Mallory Funderburk-Columbia County
Jessa Grinolds-Houston County
Kate Sumner-Peach County

Kate Sumner-Peach County
4th runnerup-Ellie Mae Teele-Marion Chattahoochee County
3rd runnerup-Madison Lee-Schley Sumter County
2nd runnerup-Jessa Grinolds-Houston County
1st runnerup-Amelia Gregory-Lowndes County
2016 Teeny Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Kambree Barnes-Tift County


Tiny Miss Winners


Congratulations to our 2016 Tiny Miss Georgia Forestry Winners! We are so excited for each of you and your families!
Prettiest Dress Winner-Abby McDonald-Tift County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Abigail Goss-Houston County
Photogenic Winner-Abby McDonald-Tift County
Prettiest Face Winner-Abby McDonald-Tift County...
Best Personality Winner-Abigail Goss-Houston County
2016 Tiny Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Rayleigh Faircloth-Bleckley County
Top 10 Finalists
Kenzie Dunlap-Berrien County
Brennlee McElroy-Coffee County
Rayanna Harrell-Telfair County
Abigail Goss-Houston County
Millie McKenzie-Pulaski County
Lila Kluge-Macon County
Katherine Graham-Columbia County
Abby McDonald-Tift County
Jayci White-Lowndes County
Rayleigh Faircloth-Bleckley County
4th runnerup-Jayci White-Lowndes County
3rd runnerup-Rayleigh Faircloth-Bleckley County
2nd runnerup-Abby McDonald-Tift County
1st runnerup-Brennlee McElroy-Coffee County
2016 Tiny Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Abigail Goss-Houston County


Little Miss Winners


Congratulations to our 2016 Little Miss Georgia Forestry Winners! We are so excited for each of you and your families!
Prettiest Dress Winner-Amelia Reed-Schley Sumter County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Natalie Wellmaker-Richmond County
Photogenic Winner-India Cheek-Telfair County
Prettiest Face Winner-Madison Sorrow-Peach County...
Best Personality Winner-Jaleia Williamson-Charlton County
2016 Little Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Amelia Reed-Schley Sumter County
Top 10 Finalists
Amelia Reed-Schley Sumter County
Graci Kluge-Laurens County
Summer Grace Miller-Worth County
Jaden Dubberly-Appling County
Allison Butler-Berrien County
Olivia Rozell-Pulaski County
Jaleia Williamson-Charlton County
Natalie Wellmaker-Richmond County
Madison Sorrow-Peach County
Reagan Rhodes-Columbia County
4th runnerup-Jaden Dubberly-Appling County
3rd runnerup-Allison Butler-Berrien County
2nd runnerup-Olivia Rozell-Pulaski County
1st runnerup-Amelia Reed-Schley Sumter County
2016 Little Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Summer Grace Miller-Worth County


Junior Miss Winners


Congratulations to our 2016 Junior Miss Georgia Forestry Winners! We are so excited for each of you and your families!
Prettiest Dress Winner-Hope Dubberly-Bleckley County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Allie Simmons-Lowndes County
Photogenic Winner-Krysten Simpkins-Laurens County
Prettiest Face Winner-Hope Dubberly-Bleckley County...
Best Personality Winner-Allie Simmons-Lowndes County
People's Choice-Nancy Murray-Charlton County
Mary Gaskins Miss Congeniality Award-Kelsey Norris-Pulaski County
2016 Junior Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Krysten Simpkins-Laurens County
Top 10 Finalists
MacKenzie Eriksen-Macon County
Rylie Trulock-Grady County
Allie Simmons-Lowndes County
Ann Larson-Schley Sumter County
Krysten Simpkins-Laurens County
Hope Dubberly-Bleckley County
Lily Barfield-Houston County
Abigail Goddard-Berrien County
Ava Dawson-Wilcox County
Linkin Comstock-Toombs County
4th runnerup-Ava Dawson-Wilcox County
3rd runnerup-Abigail Goddard-Berrien County
2nd runnerup-Lily Barfield-Houston County
1st runnerup-Krysten Simpkins-Laurens County
2016 Junior Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Hope Dubberly-Bleckley County


Teen Miss Winners


Teen Miss Top 10 Finalists
Briana Hart-Lowndes County
Maggie Carter-Bacon County
Emma Grace Sander...s-Crisp Dooly County
Ashley Moore-Macon County
Bryn Coleman-Appling County
Sandra James-Richmond County
Charley Ann Lollis-Dodge County
Raegan Stella-Peach County
Lana Penland-Ware County
Miranda Thompson-Bibb County
Prettiest Dress Winner-Bryn Coleman-Appling County
Prettiest Smile Winner-Bryn Coleman-Appling County
Photogenic Winner-Maggie Carter-Bacon County
Prettiest Face Winner-Bryn Coleman-Appling County
Best Personality Winner-Ashley Moore-Macon County
Meghan Gaskins Miss Congeniality-Ashley Moore-Macon County
Speech Winner-Ashley Moore-Macon County
Sydney Ridings Interview Winner-Ashley Moore-Macon County
Teen Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Bryn Coleman-Appling County
4th runner-up-Emma Grace Sanders-Crisp Dooly County
3rd runner-up-Lana Penland-Ware County
2nd runner-up-Raegan Stella-Peach County
1st runner-up-Bryn Coleman-Appling County
2016 Teen Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Ashley Moore-Macon Dounty
Congratulations everyone!


Miss Georgia Forestry Winners


Miss Top 10 Finalists
Jessica Jennings-Columbia County
Olivia Hiers-Appling County
Alexis Flynt-Ma...con County
Jazmine Barden-Crisp Dooly County
Ashley Rodgers-Schley Sumter County
Audrey Darnell-Richmond County
Kayla Acord-Tift County
Anna Holloway-Gilmer County
Leila Collins-Worth County
Camryn Thompson-Bibb County
Prettiest Dress Winner-Audrey Darnell
Prettiest Smile Winner-Audrey Darnell
Photogenic Winner-Olivia Hiers-Appling County
Prettiest Face Winner-Audrey Darnell
Best Personality Winner-Audrey Darnell
Judy Wester Hicks Miss Congeniality-Ashley Rodgers-Schley Sumter County
Speech and Interview Winner-Audrey Darnell-Richmond County
Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen-Leila Collins-Worth County
4th runner-up-Jazmine Barden-Crisp Dooly County
3rd runner-up-Kayla Acord-Tift County
2nd runner-up-Camryn Thompson-Bibb County
1st runner-up-Leila Collins-Worth County
2016 77th Annual Miss Georgia Forestry Queen-Audrey Darnell-Richmond County

Congratulations everyone!





CopyrightęGeorgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc. 2003-2017  Materials are not to be copied without permission.

Copyrightę2003-2017 Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc. Materials are not to be copied without permission.